Survival Basics Gear List

Five for Slider (6)There are two types of people who come to our survival basics class therefore our gear list reflects usefulness for both of those types.  There are inexperienced students and experienced students.  We love to have both attend.  Inexperienced people will find our classes to be both educational and inviting.  Experienced folks will have ample amounts of opportunity to try out new and varied techniques, gear and more.  If you have any questions about these gear lists then please do not hesitate to email us at  PLEASE NOTE:  We have some gear for sale and offer discounts to class members.




Required Gear: (everyone must bring these items)

  • Very basic first aid kit (band aids, etc.  Your instructors are trained in wilderness and remote first aid and will have a much larger kit for the group)
  • Water container (preferably stainless steel)
  • Fixed blade knife
  • Bank line and/or paracord
  • Sun screen/Bug spray
  • Weather appropriate clothing (contact us if you have questions on what to wear) 

Recommended gear list:

  • Sleeping system (hammock, tent, pad,sleeping bag, etc)
  • Water
  • Tarp
  • Backpacker meals (mountain house, MREs, etc) bring hiking stove if you have one we will have several to share.  
  • Change of clothes
  • Biodegradable toiletries
  • Day pack or larger
  • Notebooks and pencils or pens
  • Camera
  • Camp chair or seat

Any survival gear that you want to try, check out, get our opinion on and more…bring it.  There is not too much we have not seen and can therefore give you educated opinions on.  If you are brand new please DO NOT buy a lot of gear before coming to class, unless it is gear that you have seen us review and recommend on youtube or elsewhere. This class is designed to offer you insight into gear to use and gear to stay away from.  We will have plenty of gear for you to use and work with at the site.  Some of the most popular items for sale are ones that quite frankly are junk, we would rather you come and use our knives, tarps, ferro rods, etc and make an educated opinion on what to get than spend important dollars on gear that will break and be unreliable.  In that way you can purchase what works after you leave and then have it for your use from that point forward.

You might also want to watch some videos that i have done from previous trips.  This is some of the gear that i actually use.  I am often sent gear to test and always have new and various things I am trying out.  

Here is a video review I did after a basics class, here.

Here is another one I did after a tactical survival class, here.













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