Square Ferro Rod Sale

The History Channel’s Alone show has been enjoyable to watch.  We do not have regular TV at our house, but we do catch this one on the interwebz after it is uploaded.  One things that has been accented is the importance of a good ferrocerium rod.  Nearly all the contestants on the show have had one for fire building.  For good reason.  They are not susceptible to poor weather conditions and they are rather easy to use, after much practice.

However there have been two folks on the show that have lost theirs.  One was lost at the edge of the water, another was lost at the edge of a fire.  In both instances they would have likely not been lost had they had two distinct characteristics:

  1.  They were easy to see.
  2. They did not roll into the fire.

I would never try to second guess the skill level of those involved.  Under the stress of solo survival and dealing with filming your self…..it is difficult.  The quick answer to both of these situations is to never lay your ferro on the ground.  In the stress and time constraint of a moment, you might do that anyway….we have a solution for you.  Watch this video to see and and use the paypal button below if you would like for yourself.


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