Christmas Discount for NRS Classes, 50% off! Limited Supply

Christmas Discount for NRS Classes, 50% off! Limited Supply

Hey all, we have a Christmas tradition of helping you get affordable training in the New Year!  We offer a 50% discount to featured NRS classes (not those we do with partners) to help make it less burdening on the wallet.  These are extremely limited so if you are interested get in on them as soon as possible.

Our 2018 calendar is not up but will be soon.  You can expect the following NEW offerings in 2018.

  • Field Combatives course done in the field with regular and improvised tools.  It will include stand and ground grappling, edged weapons, and much more.  For the fun of it (and to be special like NRS is) we will also include some tomahawk work.
  • Wilderness and Trauma Medicince will be an indepth study in the practice and gear of wilderness medicine.  Our instructor (to be announced soon) is an accomplished medic with a many years serving in Federal Law-Enforcment Special Response Teams.
  • Communications and Signalling will cover the use of ham and other radios for communication needs.  This course will also covered the practices and gear of signalling for rescue.
  • Edible and Medicinal Plants Intensive will include an indepth look at identifying, harvesting, and storing edible and medicinal plants.  It will also include a section of how to sketch, categorize and develop a training program, on your own, in your area.
  • CHALLENGE (to be named later) also be looking for a workshop and challenge weekend where you can compete with others and yourself in the woods.

There may be some others, but you can be sure we will also have our regular course schedule (click link for details):

  • Wilderness Safety and Survival
  • Scout/Tracking
  • Land Navigation

Our goal is to always serve you at affordable rates.  Our classes will be $250 for 2018, but you can buy a ticket to any of our NRS classes between now and Christmas for only $125!  That is 50% is our way of helping you get in the woods and to do so as often as you can.  With that said THESE ARE VERY LIMITED.  So jump on them now!  Use the button below and as always…come on, join in, let’s learn together!  You can pay with all major credit cards or your paypal account.




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