Nature Reliance Instructors

Lead Instructor

Tracy Trimble

Nature Reliance School

Tracy is an avid outdoorsman and serves as a volunteer on two search and rescue teams.

  • BA, ,Morehead State University/li>
  • Menifee County Search and Rescue member
  • Wolfe County Search and Rescue Member
  • Basic Search and Rescue (BSAR), - Kentucky Emergency Management
  • Technical Rope Rescue Qualified - Kentucky Emergency Management
  • ICS 100b Completion - FEMA
  • ICS 700a Completion FEMA
  • 40 Hour, Level 1 Building Tactical Acuity for Counter-IED, Enhanced Tracking Applications
  • 40 Hour, Level 1, Mantracking Tyr Group
  • 30 Hour Basic Pistol Defense, Iron Sight Defense
  • 30 Advanced Pistol Defense, Iron Sight Defense
  • 40 Hour Tactical Survival, Iron Sight Defense
  • 30 Hour Team Fighting Course, Iron Sight Defense
  • 10 Hour CQB, Iron Sight Defense
  • 30 Hour Fighting Pistol, Tactical Response

We hope to see you on, or off the trail!