Where Practical Meets Natural

Thanks for visiting us online here at Nature Reliance School.  Our website and online classes are intended to help you feel better prepared.  You will find a calendar here with all of our hands-on workshop, classes and presentations.  Whether you are preparing to spend more time in the outdoors and want to feel more comfortable, or you are simply wanting to be ready for natural or other disasters…we do all we can to get you ready.  

Online and offline, we have classes for you!

Check out our calendar of classes to find a hands on class that is right for you, your family, group, unit, or department.  We have quite a range of classes to help beginners to get started as well as advanced students to add to their “toolbox” of skills.  We do not pretend to have ‘the’ answer, but we most certainly have ‘a’ answer.  Come on, join in, and let’s learn together