Hi, I'm Craig Caudill, the Director of Nature Reliance School. Welcome to Nature Reliance School Online! Your comprehensive resource for self-reliance knowledge and skills. NRS was founded in 2006. Our school goes to great lengths to insure that we have a learning environment in which both beginning (meaning ZERO experience) students and advanced students alike can be educated and grow in their skills. So if you don’t know the difference between an acorn and an apple or if you are an experienced operator looking to add to your “tactical toolbox” then we hope you consider training with us.

NRSO was founded for a few reasons:

  • For one, the abundance of terrible and incorrect information online. Most of this junk knowledge will get you killed! I wouldn't want anyone in my family learning survival skills from some keyboard commando, I'd want to know they had the best.
  • Second, while many folks these days have plenty of survival gear, they have absolutely no idea or plan on how to use it. Not to mention that the market has been flooded with low quality, disposable gear. It's too hard to know which gear to trust.
  • Third, we know it is hard to find a place with a mentor that you could actually trust. Someone with expert knowledge that wasn't just trying to sell you something. Basically, someone that actually cared.

I truly believe that Nature Reliance School addresses all these issues, and a whole lot more. So Come On, Join In, and Let's Learn Together!

Self-Reliance, Survival, and Related Classes In Your Home

Online survival courses for any level of survival experience – so whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’re going to learn something new. Thousands of dollars of survival classes at your fingertips for one low price.

Hands-on Simple Workshops and Extended Outdoor Classes

Students come from all over to train with us in the great state of Kentucky as well as we travel all over for those that want to host us near their home. Check out our calendar for a class that meets your needs and sign up early because they fill up fast. If you cannot find one, then contact us and we will do what we can to build a class that meets you and your groups needs.

Join The Community

A community of those interested in self-reliance and survival knowledge enthusiasts at your disposal. Swap notes, friendly advice, or all your best outdoor stories. Once you’re in, you’re family!


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Praise for Nature Reliance School Courses


As recreational hiker, I have found the content of Nature Reliance School seminars to be a fantastic addition to my growing outdoor skill set. The survival methodology is very well developed and the instructional staff is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. After experiencing their very grounded and realistic approach, I do not hesitate to recommend Nature Reliance School to anyone interested in developing their wilderness skills


Craig is a knowledgeable instructor who clearly communicates with students and puts them at ease during the learning portion but also knows how to raise the intensity of the class to mimic real scenarios. He shares his experiences, encourages students to learn from each other, and willingly answers every possible question you can think up. There are no gimmicks in his methodology; everything is based on the necessary tools, skills, and mindset to keep yourself alive.

T. S.

I highly recommend Craig Caudill and his programs at Nature Reliance School. Craig teaches from a lifetime of outdoor training and experience, and does so in an accessible manner that plays to the strengths and interests of students. He has no agenda: just a sincere wish to help others relate to the natural world. and gain the skill to thrive within it. He shares his knowledge generously, holding nothing back. Anyone having the opportunity to attend a training with him – and, better yet, to then get out in the woods and continue practicing the skills he teaches – will benefit from the experience.